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It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.

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Conflicting emotions cross Thresh’s face. He lowers the rock and points at me, almost accusingly. "Just this one time, I let you go. For the little girl. You and me, we’re even then. No more owed. You understand?" I nod because I do understand. About owing. About hating it. I understand that if Thresh wins, he’ll have to go back and face a district that has already broken all the rules to thank me, and he is breaking the rules to thank me, too. And I understand that, for the moment, Thresh is not going to smash in my skull. (…) "You better run now, Fire Girl."

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finnick odair + rainbow

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Prim sounds about a thousand years old when she speaks, Whatever it takes to break you.”

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Across from us, a wedge of the jungle begins to vibrate. An enormous wave crests high on the hill, topping the trees and roaring down the slope. It hits the existing seawater with such force that, even though we’re as far as we can get from it, the surf bubbles up around our knees, setting our few possessions afloat.

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- But he’s The Capitol darling. They love him here. Charming, smart, and very skilled at combat. Especially in water.

- What about weaknesses?

- One. Mags.

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F i r e is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!

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Katniss by Amanda Tolleson
il paint brushes on corel painter with wacom tablet

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